Australia's Global University

I am delighted to introduce you to the UNSW 2025 Strategic Plan. It sets out the priorities and themes that will guide us over the next decade as we position ourselves as 'Australia’s Global University'. We aspire to this in the belief that a great university, which is a global leader in discovery, innovation, impact, education and thought leadership, can make an enormous difference to people’s lives.

Our strategy embraces the long-standing values and ethos of the UNSW community. It is an innovative, ambitious and altruistic plan which reflects our mantra: People. People. People.

I invite you to accompany us on the exciting journey ahead as we work together to implement the plan and deliver our objectives over the next ten years.

Ian Jacobs
President and Vice-Chancellor UNSW Sydney

signed: Ian Jacobs

UNSW aspires to be Australia’s global university, improving and transforming lives through excellence in research, outstanding education and a commitment to advancing a just society.

Consultation Process

A key aspect of the process of developing our strategy has been a wide-ranging consultation, involving our staff, students, alumni and external partners. The response has been exciting and gratifying, with lively discussion and debate, as well as the submission of many thousands of ideas and comments. The initial feedback was collated to shape our Green Paper in May and further extensive consultation informed the creation of a White Paper in August.

The consultation revealed enormous energy and desire for engagement at UNSW. It documented a high ambition for achievement, an aspiration for UNSW to be a global leader of change and innovation and an altruistic wish for UNSW to have a positive impact, improving the lives of people across the world. We will continue to work together as we pursue the implementation of this ambitious strategy.


Strategic Plan


Innovation Statement