Alternative schooling and Indigenous students in Australia

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Indigenous students experience systemic harm in Australia's public and private schooling systems at unacceptable levels. While the majority of Indigenous students attend public schools, some Indigenous students attend ‘alternative’ schools, often located within private religious schools. Focusing on ‘alternative schools’ this project will:
- critically examine the political, social and psychological aspects of ‘alternative’ schooling for Aboriginal students
- Provide new insights into the types of alternative models of education that can be centred in Aboriginal axiologies, ontologies and epistemologies.

There has been little research into this area directed by Indigenous scholars using Indigenous Knowledges and Indigenous research methods.

The ideal candidate would be an Indigenous person with experience teaching (including teacher education) and undertaking collaborations with Indigenous students and community.

Relevant disciplinary areas and fields include: Indigenous Studies; education; psychology; sociology; and other cognate disciplines. We welcome candidates with a wide variety of academic and non-academic track records.

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