Appropriate algal/bacterial consortia for wastewater treatment

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This project aims to better assess the potential and the practical operation of wastewater biological treatment systems based on the use of mixture of algae and bacteria. Recent advances in microbiological characterisation will allow improved understanding of the mechanisms responsible for pollutant removal and of the potential synergy obtained in consortia. In addition, the use of appropriate separation technologies, such as submerged ultrafiltration membrane, in this application will be studied with the scope to reduce energy requirements of current wastewater treatment and to improve effluent quality.

The ideal candidate for this project will be able to demonstrate previous experience in interdisciplinary projects involving microbiology and process engineering in the water/wastewater industry. Previous research activities (and solid education) on these topics will also be highly valuable. With the project aiming for improved fundamental knowledge about interactions between algae and bacteria to be implemented in practice for long-term operation, the Scientia candidate will need to be highly imaginative to holistically integrate both disciplines together. 


Supervisory team

UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Chemical Engineering