Arts-led Energy Humanities: Sensing Place, Sensing Planet

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Arts-led research in energy humanities is an emerging field of interdisciplinary enquiry that activates science studies frameworks to articulate what eco-theorist and literary scholar Ursula Heise calls a 'sense of place and sense of planet'. By considering how the arts illuminate daily practices of ecological experience in a period of escalating social and environmental change, arts-led energy humanities research impacts issues as diverse as climate change, food sovereignty, and globalisation. Work in this area seeks to better understand and intervene in the production, consumption, apprehension and comprehension of energies in order to imagine more sustainable, equitable and flourishing futures.

For this project, the higher degree research candidate's practice in arts-led energy humanities may be either practice-led (studio art), or written (art theory or art history). It is essential that applicants show evidence of prior study in energy humanities, environmental humanities, or a closely cognate field. Candidates must be able demonstrate high level skills in art practice and/or theory (depending on the focus of the project), as well as an in-depth knowledge of relevant contextual art practices and cultural theories. Peer reviewed scholarly publications are considered to be strong evidence of these skills. Candidates should be prepared to articulate how their project proposal will support the core principles of the scheme, which include social engagement and global impact. This may encompass such themes as knowledge exchange, equity and diversity, or specific initiatives relating to, for example, Indigenous communities, global development, or climate change. Candidates should additionally hold relevant postgraduate qualifications, such as a Masters degree, Honours, or international equivalents. The proposed project should be positioned within a career development plan that places the Ph.D within a purposeful career trajectory.

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