Assessing inner speech integrity in people with auditory-verbal hallucinations

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Auditory-verbal hallucinations (AVH) refer to the experience of hearing voices when no-one is talking. They are among the most common and debilitating symptoms of schizophrenia. Inner speech refers to the silent production of words in one’s mind. AVH have long been assumed to arise because of abnormalities in inner speech. This theory, while plausible, has been notoriously difficult to test empirically. Our research team has solved this challenge and developed the necessary electrophysiological marker of inner speech (EMIS) (Whitford et al, 2017, eLife, 6-e28197). This project will use the EMIS to establish whether people with AVH show inner speech abnormalities.

The ideal candidate for the position will have the following skills and experience:

Essential Skills / Experience:

  • An Honours-level degree in the field of psychology or cognitive neuroscience.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, necessary for recruiting and interacting with participants, and working within the structure of a research team.
  • The ability to organize time and work resources independently.
  • Experience in conducting experiments and data analysis in the field of psychology / cognitive neuroscience. Experience in conducting experiments with human participants would be especially desirable.

Desirable Skills / Experience:

  • Experience in the acquisition and analysis of encephalographic (EEG) data. Experience with the EEG analysis software BrainVision Analyzer would be especially desirable
  • Experience with computer programming. Experience working with the program MATLAB would be especially desirable. 
Supervisory team

Le Pelley