Bio-imaging Coral Bleaching

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This project will undertake a comprehensive bio-imaging study to investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying coral bleaching. Coral mortality during bleaching events is mitigated by the presence of cellular and molecular mechanisms, conferring tolerance to temperature stress. However the exact mechanisms of this cellular protection remains unknown. UNSW has one of the most advanced bio-imaging facilities in Australia, with world-renowned experts. This groundbreaking project will explore the precise nature of temperature tolerance at a cellular level and provide unparalleled insight into the mechanisms of bleaching, which can be used for novel cellular approaches for introducing climate change tolerance.

This project requires an outstanding graduate with a strong academic record including an Honours Class I or equivalent and experience in research publishing. The ideal candidate has a passion for coral reefs, symbiosis, bio-imaging, microscopy, and advanced molecular technologies. Graduates with a strong background in biology, cellular biology, biochemistry, bio imaging and/or microbial ecology are welcome. Experience with advanced microscopy techniques is an advantage.

Supervisory team

Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre

Medical Sciences