Blockchain Based Decentralized Management of Energy Resources in Smart Grids

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The development of Internet of Things (IoT) smart metering devices together with the prospect of renewable energy integration has increased the level of adoption of decentralized energy networks. However, electricity is, by its nature, difficult and usually uneconomical to store in large-scale and generation has to be available on demand in real-time. Consequently, integration of distributed generation poses additional challenges due to its intermittent and unpredictable nature. This PhD project aims to develop a blockchain-based transactive energy platform in the distribution level. The distributed elements in the grid will be integrated with a blockchain architecture and associated smart contracts to ensure the programmatic definition of expected energy flexibility levels, to enable the transparent demand response agreements among transacting parties and to ensure sufficient grid and market stability margins. A prototype implementation using Etherum will be developed to validate and test the proposed architecture, interoperability standards, and communication protocols. By unifying techniques from computer science and power systems, this project will address a high-risk high-reward problem crucial for ensuring a sustainable and affordable energy future for Australia.

The applicant should have a BS and MS in Electrical or Computer Engineering. The student should have good proficiency in Internet of Things, distributed computing, and smart grid technology. The applicant should have good programming skills and experience with embedded devices. The applicant should have experience in undertaking research as demonstrated by publications in peer-reviewed journals and/or conferences. He or she will be self-motivated, be a team player, and have excellent oral and written communication skills.

Supervisory team

Computer Science and Engineering

Data61 CSIRO
Distributed Sensing Systems Group (Adjunct Professor @ UNSW)

Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications