Boron Nitride Reinforced Composites for Impact and Blast Loadings

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The research project aims to characterise boron nitride (BN) reinforced composites with excellent impact and blast resistance. These composites are urgently required to provide affordable cyclone-proof materials for Australian houses which get battered under sub-tropical storms almost every year. This project will involve development of appropriate chemical physics computational model that drive rational design of BN reinforced composite materials for resisting high impact and shock load, followed by mechanical testing of actual specimens. These novel composites will have significant applications in structural engineering by providing durable, longer life and ability to protect lives under impact loading due to natural disasters.

The candidate is expected to be:

  • familiar with mechanics of materials
  • strong in material simulation packages such as ABAQUS, ANSYS etc.
  • expertise in Fortran or C is highly desirable¬†
  • strong in mechanical characterization
  • good in writing of papers, presentations and participation in scientific conferences
  • proficient in written and spoken English.
Supervisory team

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering