Building better ex vivo 3D cancer models with 3D bioprinting

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Three dimensional balls of cells, called spheroids, are better models of tumours in vivo than cells plated on flat surfaces but are challenging to produce in high throughput. In this project we will use a custom designed 3D printer and novel bioinks that mimics of the proteins found around spheroids to make better in vitro models of in vivo cancers. These bioinks will be tuned to mimic different tissues and show how the delivery of therapeutics are affected by the spheroid architectures. The project will involve developing the polymer bioinks, 3D printing the cells and performing cell assays

The ideal candidates will have a background in polymer chemistry or cell biology. They will be required to have an interest in learning advanced optical microscopy. They will have an interest in nanomedicine and interdisciplinary research as well as working with startup companies to understand how their research aligns with commercial objectives. We are seeking one candidate on the polymer side of the project and one on the cell biology side to develop models for T-cell therapy.

Supervisory team

Australian Centre for NanoMedicine

Medical Sciences

Inventia Life Science
Biomedical Engineering