Connecting airport development, public health and urban policy

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The central question is how healthy are airports? Conventional research highlights noise, emissions and congestion impacts and mitigation but the entrenched importance of global aviation in metropolitan economies necessitates a shift to their health promoting capacities as transformative infrastructure. This project will develop an evidence base for this new paradigm by documenting multi-scalar health-positive and enabling dimensions across operational (airport functions), spatial (local area planning) , and catalytic (healthy cities) perspectives. Stimulated by Sydney’s new airport and linked to a wider collaborative research enterprise, this project focuses on a global survey of airport and airport-region stakeholders and their initiatives.

A self-motivated student from an urban studies, social policy and/or public health background with an interest in large-scale urban infrastructure planning with demonstrable expertise in document and policy review, data base management and analytics, interview experience, interpersonal skills, and a superior writing record. Multi-lingual aptitude will be an advantage given the trans-global nature of the research.


Supervisory team

Built Environment
City Futures Research Centre
de Leeuw

Centre for Health Equity Training, Research & Evaluation

Built Environment
City Futures Research Centre