Democratisation of Internet of Things Data

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Internet of Things will lead to intelligent devices being deployed everywhere and data about individual and the environment they live in being collected at unprecedented scales. The data will be used to provide services. If the current models are adopted, like today, the individuals will lose control. They will be forced release the data in order to access the services. This project will develop mechanisms for providing individuals control, where they can (a) decide whether to release their data in exchange for a service or reward and also be able abstractly track how the data is being used.

The candidate will have a strong mathematical skill and ideally a double degree in economics or actuarial studies, and engineering or computer science. Should have demonstrated strong research potential, a strong interest in protecting the privacy of the users of internet services and knowledge of applied cryptographic mechanisms, development of distributed applications on Linux and either Andriod or IOS, and system performance modelling and measurement. He or she will be self-motivated, be a team player, and have excellent oral and written communication skills.

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Computer Science and Engineering