Democratising Data: 3D Virtual Reality VR and the Biomedical Aesthetic

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New forms of multimodal biomedical imaging are transforming the way we see the human body. This Scientia PhD is a practice-based enquiry into the value of contemporary 3D Virtual Reality (VR) uses in biomedical visualisation. The aim is to investigate how we experience molecular structures on contemporary immersive VR head mounted displays. Through the application of experimental speculative design methods, the candidate will produce outputs that question the notion of the medical gaze and explore the democratisation of data. This PhD will generate new knowledge that provides deeper insight into the way we visualise and experience biomedical data.

Applicants for this project will have a strong background in practice-based research in 3D Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) with a commitment to creative approaches that question and challenge current conventions. Applicants must provide evidence of a sustained focus on the creative application of 3D CGI animation making for screen-based outputs, preferably using Autodesk Maya and/or Unity 3D. They will also have experience in interdisciplinary collaboration between art and science as they will be engaging with on-going collaborative research between UNSW Art & Design, UNSW Science and UNSW Medicine. The successful applicant will have access to UNSW Art & Design’s award-winning 3D Visualisation Aesthetics Lab as well as access to staff and facilities in the ARC Centre of Excellence in BioNano Science (CBNS).

Supervisory team

Art & Design
3D Visualisation Aesthetics Lab

Art & Design
Director of the 3D Visualisation Aesthetics Lab

Head of the Tumour Biology and Targeting Program at Children's Cancer Institute and Director of the Australian Centre for NanoMedicine at UNSW