Development of Electrocatalytic Nanoparticles for Simultaneous Biomass Upgrading and Clean Energy Production

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The selective conversion of hydrocarbons from biomass to fuels and commodity chemicals is of critical importance to minimize our reliance on non-renewable resources. Current processes use heterogeneous catalytic reactions that often result in selectivity and/or conversion that is too low for practical implementation. This project focuses on an alternative approach by employing electrocatalysis for biomass conversion and simultaneous hydrogen production. Materials development will be driven from a knowledge-based approach using advanced experimental and computational techniques in complementary fashion to rationally arrive at optimized catalysts. The project will involve collaboration with the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Prospective students should have a background in chemical engineering, materials science/engineering, or chemistry, an enthusiasm for innovative problem solving and a willingness to collaborate with external partners.  Previous research experience in nanomaterials synthesis, electrochemistry and/or computational chemistry is desired but not mandatory.

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Chemical Engineering

Materials Science & Engineering

Materials Science & Engineering
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