Ethics and Climate Transitions

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This project will focus on the ethical issues associated with transitioning to a low carbon society. Climate transitions will involve significant changes to the generation and delivery of energy, the organisation of infrastructure and to lifestyles. All of these changes involve crucial ethical choices concerning the fairest way to deploy and pay for new technologies. The research will allow a focus on the ethical issues that inevitably arise such as: behavioural barriers to action, compensation for older industries, ensuring the most efficient and fair roll out of new energy technologies and trade offs required.

The ideal candidate will have a first class degree that has a background in ethical and justice issues. The candidate would also have a knowledge of interdisciplinary issues associated with climate transitions. 

The ideal candidate would have a strong background in being able to connect their research with practical concerns related to climate change. A history of engagement with energy transitions, general climate issues in a policy or NGO setting would be ideal.

The candidate would also be willing to undertake high impact communication of their research. The supervisory team will mentor the candidate on this dimension of the research. 

Supervisory team

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