Examining the Significance and Implications of Teachers’ Well-Being at Work

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The proposed PhD is a quantitative study of well-being among school teachers. Well-being will be broadly defined to encompass a broad range of relevant factors such as teachers’ job satisfaction, work motivation, stress/burnout, and instructional approaches. The PhD will explore salient factors that help to promote teachers’ well-being, along with important outcomes for teachers, students, and schools. A particular focus of the PhD will be on the role of well-being in disadvantaged schools given the unique challenges that teachers face in these contexts and the high rates of teacher attrition and burnout that often occur in such schools.

Applicants will need (1) a qualification in education, counselling, and/or psychology with a major formal research component or (2) a qualification in education, counselling, and/or psychology with research experience (either as a student or as an employee) in the areas of educational, developmental, or counselling psychology. The successful candidate will also be required to demonstrate knowledge of quantitative research methods and statistics.

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