The eyes have it: Eye-movements and decision-making

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We often make carefully considered decisions on the basis of risks and possible rewards; e.g., which stocks to invest in, or who to vote for in an election. However, most decisions that we make don’t receive much consideration. For example, we ‘decide’ where to move our eyes several times every second, often seemingly without thought or effort. Recent research shows that rapid and automatic eye-movements can be influenced by risks and rewards. This project will investigate whether risk/reward affects automatic eye-movements in the same way as more reasoned choices, and whether we can influence people’s choices by manipulating their eye-movements.

The HDR undertaking this project should have an honours degree (or equivalent) in psychology/cognitive science or a related discipline, and an interest in cognitive psychology and its application to marketing. They should ideally have experience in conducting psychological research with human participants, though this is not essential. The successful candidate will have excellent oral and written communication skills, and competence in statistical data analysis. They will also have the ability to organize time and work resources independently, and be able to work with minimal direct supervision. Finally, the candidate will have a knowledge of health and safety responsibilities and commitment to attending relevant health and safety training. No specialist technical skills are required for this project.

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