Identity and Belonging of Muslim Women with Disabilities

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The Social Policy Research Centre project will research the marginalisation of Muslim women with disabilities and the social justice implications for disability policy in the context of the highly topical UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Topics could relate to the identity and belonging of Muslim women in Australia or elsewhere, and contribute to literature on intersectionality and standpoint feminist theories to explore intersections between religion, ethnicity, disability and gender. Preference is for innovative auto-ethnographic, participatory and online methodologies to address the sensitivities of the topic and enable opportunities for co-production.

High-quality candidates will have personal participatory experience in the intersectionalities of the topic to be able to conduct inclusive research with Muslim women with disabilities. They will be able to demonstrate their personal experience and relationships that enable the feasibility of the research, in ways that are sensitive to expectations from the Muslim and disability communities. Preference will be for candidates who are familiar with innovative web-based practice and co-production methods for inclusive access to participants. Desirable qualities will be connections to international researchers and Muslim and disability communities.

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