The Immune Landscape of Glioblastoma

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Immunotherapy treatment of cancers has shown exciting prospects for tumour control and remission. However, treating the most deadliest brain cancer, glioblastoma with immunotherapy has been challenging. This research project will investigate the tumour micro-environment of glioblastoma and determine ways to mitigate the inherent immune suppression. The project will comprise of collecting fresh tissues from patients at the time of their operation and isolating the tumour infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs). Genomic analysis of the patient TILs may identify novel targets for treatment and/or biomarkers that can be utilised to predict response to immunotherapy.

The candidate must be hard working and willing to apply themselves. Desirable skills include; tissue culture and/or aeseptic technique; animal handling. Knowledge of genomics and immunotherapy would be an advantage.

Supervisory team

Lowy Cancer Research Centre

Prince of Wales Clinical School

Prince of Wales Hospital
Prince of Wales Clinical School
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