Interplay between the Antarctic ice-sheet, the oceanic circulation and climate

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The size of the Antarctic ice-sheet (AIS) has varied significantly: from covering the Weddell and Ross Seas, today's principal regions of bottom water formation during the last glacial maximum to losing most of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet thus leading to a ~6 m sea level rise during the Last Interglacial period. However, the processes leading to ice-sheet loss and the impact of AIS size on oceanic circulation and climate are poorly constrained.
In the context of increased atmospheric CO2 content and retreating ice-sheets, it is thus crucial to understand the interplay between the Antarctic ice-sheet and climate.
This project will quantify the impact of a varying AIS on oceanic circulation and climate using state of the art climate models.

We seek students with expertise in oceanography, climate, physics or other STEM fields to attack this problem. The candidate should have some expertise in programming and large data analysis.


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Climate Change Research Centre

Australian National University
Climate Change Research Centre

Climate Change Research Centre