Living with Pervasive Media Technologies from Drones to Smart Homes

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Digital assistants, smart devices, drones and other autonomous and artificial intelligence technologies are rapidly changing work, culture, cities and even the intimate spaces of the home. They are 21st century media forms: recording, representing and acting, often in real-time. This project investigates the impact of living with autonomous and intelligent media technologies. It explores the changing situation of media and communication studies in this expanded field. How do these media technologies refigure relations between people and the world? What policy challenges do they present? How do they include and exclude marginalized peoples? How are they transforming media and communications themselves?

The ideal candidate for this project will possess:

  • A strong background in Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Science & Technology Studies, Media Arts or related fields
  • Experience with either empirical research or the application of theoretical frameworks to media technologies
  • Expertise in media and communication policy and/or practice, community engagement or the practical use of autonomous and intelligent technologies
  • An openness to transdisciplinary research and a willingness to develop new research methodologies
Supervisory team

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Arts & Social Sciences
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Arts & Social Sciences
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