Managing hip fractures in resource poor settings

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Hip fracture is a major emerging public health issue in China and India due to changing demographics and an ageing population. There are well developed clinical guidelines and pathways used effectively in high income settings but uptake of these is low in resource poor settings. This project will involve working with clinicians in China and India to develop and evaluate a simple, adaptable, protocol driven clinical pathway for hip fracture. This will build on current and previous large scale observational studies and established clinical networks, and will contribute to changes in clinical management of hip fracture across Asia.

An ideal student will have a clinical background, and strong interest in health systems research. They will have experience in low or middle income country settings, either in research or clinical settings. They will have postgraduate training in epidemiology and public health and exceptional written skills.

Supervisory team

The George Institute for Global Health

South Western Sydney Clinical School

The George Institute for Global Health