Multi-modal visualisation and Computational Design for Physical and Virtual Worlds

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This research project combines collaborative generative design with advanced digital fabrication to investigate multi modal data visualisation. The aim of the research is to enhance the user experience of analysing complex data, to improve understanding of relationships within data and facilitate informed decision making. Multi modal visualisation engages multiple senses including visual, haptic and audial by using combinations of virtual reality, augmented reality, AI, and 3D printing. Based at the UNSW Epicentre, the project is at the nexus of art, design, science and technology and will have significant real-world impact as the data investigated will support health research in NSW.

The Ideal candidate for this project will have interdisciplinary strengths in art, design, interaction design, programming and analytical skills. Previous publications in scholarly peer reviewed journals in one or more of the relevant areas is desirable. The person will be able to work independently, and collaboratively and be willing to learn new skills that will help to shape the project to be truly world-leading and contribute to achieving UNSW’s 2025 strategy.

Supervisory team

Art & Design
Expanded Perception and Interaction Centre

Art & Design
School of Art & Design
Del Favero

Art & Design