Radar Signal Processing for Health Applications

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The project aims at leveraging radar technology for human health monitoring and diagnosis, thus improving health care delivery and saving lives. This is achieved by developing effective detection, estimation and classification algorithms for use by radar to monitor human movement to identify falls, motion abnormalities, and progression of physical impairments. Applications include the classification of falls for the elderly and the diagnosis of motor-neuron related diseases such as cerebral palsy in infants. The outcomes of the research will be reliable, robust and efficient radar technologies having high probability of detection, low false alarm rates, and effectiveness in congested scenarios.

The ideal candidate would have a background in Electrical Engineering. Sound mathematical skills are essential.

For undergraduate applicants, signal processing subjects are highly desirable. A thesis or capstone project in signal processing or a related area such as radar would be an advantage.

For postgraduate applicants or those who have work experience, Matlab skills as well as proven signal processing-related problem solving skills are valuable. 


Supervisory team

Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

Villanova University
Centre for Advanced Communications

Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications