Risk factors for long-term chronic disease events in HIV-positive persons

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The project will investigate risk factors for serious non-AIDS events (SNAEs), which include cardiovascular disease and cancers, in HIV-positive people. Analyses will be based on the D:A:D Study, the only large HIV-cohort study (49,000 patients) collecting prospective well validated, clinical endpoints. HIV is known to increase the risk of SNAEs, and antiretroviral treatments (ART) have side effects. Understanding how HIV infection, aging and decades of ART interact on the risk of SNAEs will be critical to optimise patient outcomes. The results of this project will have a global impact on management of HIV-positive people.

The ideal candidate would be someone from a biostatistics, epidemiology or public health background, and with experience in infectious diseases/HIV related research desirable. Individuals with clinical experience in infectious diseases, immunology, HIV medicine, or cancer medicine (oncology/haematology), particularly those who have undertaken speciality training in these fields are also encouraged to apply. The potential candidate must be interested in developing complex statistical analysis skills using various statistical software, such as SAS and Stata. Previous experience or application of biostatistical methods will be viewed favourably. The candidate would need to be self-motivated and good written and oral communication skills are essential.


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The Kirby Institute

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