The short and long-term effects of climate change on vegetation

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Climatic change is set to reconfigure ecological systems, as key drivers of vegetation composition and function - such as rainfall and temperature - shift away from their historical norms. Vegetation will respond over a range of timescales, from short-term acclimation, to medium-term adjustments in the abundance of current species, to long-term adaptation and/ or replacement of species. In this project, the student will compare the pace and impact of these different responses, using process-based models; and then outline scenarios of alternative future states. Insight gained will underpin effective ecosystem management.

Graduates with a strong background in biology, mathematics, physics, atmospheric science, engineering or a similar quantitative science are particularly encouraged to apply. Programming experience with C, fortran 90, Python or R is highly desirable. Strong drive to understand the dynamics of plant ecosystems is essential.

Supervisory team

Evolution & Ecology Research Centre

Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences
De Kauwe

Climate Change Research Centre