Stimuli-responsive biocatalytic nanoreactors for on-demand catalysis

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Biocatalysis is increasingly used in many industrial applications due to its high selectivity and yields . The lifetime of the enzyme and the ability to control reactions on-demand is key to a more efficient biocatalytic process. Hitherto, challenges remain for: 1) stable enzymes to operate in non-conventional (harsh) reaction conditions and 2) spatially controlled localization of active enzymes to achieve chemical reactions on demand. In this project, the student will overcome these challenges by developing novel light-responsive metal-organic framework (MOF)-based biocatalytic nanoreactors for on-demand catalysis for drug delivery or fuel cells. Success in this endeavour will transform current biocatalytic industry towards smarter, greener, and more energy saving processes.

We are looking for candidates who are highly driven and have a desire to pursue a high-level research career in chemical engineering, materials science, or physical chemistry. Applicants should possess a Bachelor Hons I (or equivalent) and/or Masters in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, majoring in a relevant discipline (e.g. nanoscience, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biocatalysis).

Candidates should have an outstanding track record of academic achievement, excellent laboratory skills that are relevant to the project and have the drive to lead this research-intensive PhD project and the ability to work as part of a team. Applicants should have the ability to think critically, rationally and independently. Excellent verbal and written English skills are essential.

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