Stories of strength in Aboriginal people’s experiences of substance use

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Drug and alcohol use has had devastating effects on Indigenous communities around the world. The most innovative responses to this have come from communities themselves, who seek to draw on cultural strengths and resources to reduce harms and support treatment. We seek applications from students interested in exploring the role of social, cultural and personal resources in the lives of Aboriginal people who use alcohol or drugs, and how these can work to reduce harm and support treatment. Such an approach contributes to the critical effort to address substance use as a social problem, one which requires community-led, socially-located responses.

The candidate will be an Indigenous person with training in any of the critical social sciences such as anthropology, sociology, social psychology, Indigenous studies, critical public health or others.

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Arts & Social Sciences
Centre for Social Research in Health

Nura Gili Indigenous Programs

Arts & Social Sciences
Centre for Social Research in Health