Temporal integration of visual signals

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Myopia or short sightedness is a significant cause of worldwide blindness due to its associated risk of eye diseases. Development of interventions and appropriate treatment schedules to stop childhood myopia are limited by our poor understanding of basic eye growth; it is a visually guided process, but how the eye integrates visual information over time is unknown. This project will investigate immediate early gene expression changes (eg Egr-1, glucagon), the earliest retinal tissue events that dictate eye growth, with different periods of visual manipulations in the chick eye to characterise temporal integration of visual signals.

The ideal candidate should possess basic laboratory skills and some experience in molecular biology techniques. Previous experience in dissecting and conducting animal experiments (in vivo skills) is also ideal. The candidate should be organised with good time management skills to ensure timely completion of various experiments within the project and previous scientific writing experience is desirable. Training or experience in the ocular field is desired but not necessary.

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Optometry and Vision Science

University of Canberra
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Optometry and Vision Science