Towards reflection-free integrated devices for THz communication

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This project aims to utilise topological photonic concepts to create integrated photonic guiding and beam forming devices, which are the key challenges that are hindering the progress of terahertz wireless communications. These novel devices are expected to allow for guiding of terahertz waves through sharp bends with no reflection, offering almost a three-fold increase in the operational bandwidth. The outcome of this project will not only have a profound impact on the next generation of terahertz communication devices, but will also have significant impact on high resolution imaging and high sensitivity biosensors, which are indispensable tools for many disciplines including biology, medicine, forensics and public safety.

Expected qualifications/skills:

  • BE, ME or MSc degree in Electrical Engineering, Optical/Photonics Engineering or Physics
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Journal and conference publications¬†

Desirable skills/experience:

  • THz system and devices
  • Optics and Photonics (photonic crystals and waveguides)
  • Knowledge of using commercially available numerical software (e.g. COMSOL, CST)
Supervisory team

Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

The Univeristy of Sydney