Tracking young people in early contact with the police

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Young people enmeshed early in the criminal justice system have some of the worst long-term health, educational, occupational, and justice outcomes of any group in society. Effectively identifying those at risk as early as possible is vital for successful preventative intervention. The proposed project will investigate early police contact using data from a record-linkage study of approximately 80,000 children and their parents (the NSW Child Development Study). Predictors and outcomes of early justice contact will be identified from interdisciplinary domains using data from health, education, and family/community services, as well as from child development assessments.

The ideal candidate will have an academic background in at least one of the range of disciplinary areas relevant to our interdisciplinary project (i.e. psychiatry, criminology, psychology, epidemiology) and an interest or experience in developing skills in quantitative analysis of a large longitudinal record-linkage based dataset.

Supervisory team

Research Unit for Schizophrenia Epidemiology

Research Unit for Schizophrenia Epidemiology

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