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We are pleased to introduce UNSW’s 2025 Strategy Update. 

Since our foundation in 1949, UNSW has aimed to improve and transform lives through excellence in research, outstanding education and a commitment to advancing a just society.

We are now one of the leading research and teaching-intensive universities in the world, known for innovative, pioneering research and high quality education with a global impact.

Our ambitious 2025 Strategy was developed in 2015. It provided the framework for UNSW to further advance our contribution in academic excellence, social impact and global engagement, as a servant of our society. 

The achievements so far are impressive across the spectrum of research, education, thought leadership, equity, diversity, knowledge transfer and global impact. The pace of change required to deliver this progress has been intense and we are grateful to all who have made a contribution. We are now able to move into a phase where we can build on our achievements.

This update reflects the experience of the first few years of implementation, feedback from the recent consultation process and changes in the external environment. It provides revised priorities against which we can assess, track and measure progress over the next few years. 

We look forward to working with students, staff, members of the UNSW Council and the broader UNSW community on the next phase of the 2025 Strategy.

Mr David Gonski AC
Chancellor, UNSW Sydney

Professor Ian Jacobs
President and Vice-Chancellor, UNSW Sydney

signed: Ian Jacobs

Our Vision

To improve lives globally, through innovative research, transformative education and commitment to a just society.

You can provide feedback at any time on any matter through the 2025 Strategy email address: strategy2025@unsw.edu.au.


2025 Strategy: Update