Developing an experiential, immersive safety training system for construction operatives

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The construction industry records one of the worst safety records globally. Research shows, unsafe behaviours of workers repeatedly cause a significant portion of fatalities. The industry deploys different safety training methods, namely: on-site toolbox talks and safety training programs. Workers in these methods play a passive role, hence find these less engaging, which impede with effective learning and behaviour change. This research aims to develop an experiential safety training system using virtual and augmented reality technologies. The system would allow workers to virtually immerse into a jobsite, perform tasks and hone safe work practices, aided by inbuilt adaptive learning/warning modules.

The ideal candidate is expected to have the following skills and qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree with first-class honours in construction management, building, civil engineering or workplace health and safety.
  • Master’s degree, preferably research-based, in a field related to the proposed project.
  • Previous research and publication records (journal publications).
  • Skills and experience in developing virtual reality and/or augmented reality models (or) skills in advanced use of virtual reality tools and programming.
  • Good understanding and knowledge of work health and safety on construction sites.
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