International Cultural Heritage Law in Times of Insecurity

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This project reengages international law as a central element for the protection of cultural heritage in situations of insecurity, considering its implementation via law and policy in domestic and regional settings, and particularly with respect to disasters, conflict, mass migration and situations of insecurity. It generates new knowledge by exploring the connection between cultural heritage and social change in these contexts, employing both legal and interdisciplinary research approaches. Its significance lies in bridging gaps between cultural heritage law and other international legal and policy frameworks and by integrating the substantive and operational aspects of those approaches. The research project addresses a significant social problem: the need to protect cultural heritage in times of insecurity and to maximise the role of cultural heritage in building resilience, reconciliation and rebuilding affected communities.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Interdisciplinary academic training in law and arts or heritage-related discipline;
  • Experience in academic research (honours or master level);
  • Experience in policy-making in the area of cultural heritage desirable;
  • Knowledge of foreign languages an asset;
  • Experience conducting fieldwork or in-depth case studies.
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