Migrant Subjects, Literary Work and Literary Circulation in a Global World

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In the current world, cross-cultural mobility operates in a number of ways across a wide
geographical scale and the Contemporary Humanities and Creative Arts have been central to the
work of representing and negotiating these mobile experiences.
We are interested in supervising projects that investigate the literary representations of migrant
mobilities in late modernity, including those by refugees. We are particularly interested in the ways
in which questions of gender, genre and geography, especially around figures of the body and the
city, frame these representations. The ways in which literary texts circulate in global literary
systems, including aspects of translation, publication and reception, might form a key aspect of this

The candidate needs to have at least an MA or a first class Honours degree in literary studies

or in a related discipline of the Humanities. The candidate needs to be able to write fluently

and well in English and demonstrate a good grasp of the academic discourse of literary

studies. They need to be able to work productively with both a team of supervisors as well

as demonstrate effective self-direction at different times of the academic year and the

academic project. Knowledge of one or several languages other than English for direct access to primary

sources in World literatures would be welcome.

Supervisory team

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