Modelling Policy toward Ageing in Emerging Economies: Indonesia and beyond

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This research will focus on the development and application of economic policy modelling towards ageing in emerging economies. The cutting edge economic model to investigate policy implications under demographic change, the overlapping generations (OLG) model, will be extended to incorporate the informal sector to address quantitatively critical issues such as inequality in policy design. Research will entail conceptual development, computer programming, econometric estimation, data calibration, and policy analysis. This project will provide such economies with up-to-date analytical tools currently available only to developed nations. Outcomes will dramatically improve economic knowledge in a critical realm of policy development.

The ideal candidate will be passionate about applying rigorous economic analysis to inform policy through the use of formal numerically based economic modelling. The individual will have a good degree in Economics or related discipline, to Hons I standard or equivalent, and strong quantitative training and aptitude. He/she will have a background in or familiarity with either computer-based models or policy experience relevant to emerging economies in Asia. He/she may be currently based in Indonesia or another Asian nation at a similar stage of development, although this is not essential.

He/she will be enrolled in the Economics PhD program at UNSW, and will be affiliated with CEPAR, (, a leading research institute focused on the causes and consequences of demographic change. Support will include necessary infrastructure, conference travel and participation in CEPAR workshops and other activities.


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