Radio-based Device-free hand hygiene compliance monitoring

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The average cost to Australia from healthcare associated infection is $8.8-$17.8 billion annually. High hand hygiene compliance (HHC) is the simplest method of preventing such infections. The current approach to measure HHC relies on human auditors is expensive and can lead to inflated compliance statistics because healthcare workers (HCW) see when they are being audited. We proposed a device-free HHC monitoring system that leverages the radio signal between the RFID staff cards of HCW and hand sanitiser dispensers (RFID readers) to recognise the hand-washing gestures and audit HHC automatically.
  1. RFID-based IT system prototyping 
  2. Time series data analytics, signal processing and machine learning
  3. Pilot study management 
Supervisory team

Computer Science and Engineering
Mary Louise

Public Health & Community Medicine
Chun Tung

Computer Science and Engineering
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