Measuring Fundamental Properties of Stars and Planets using Artificial Intelligence

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This project will fuse two rapidly developing lines of research, artificial intelligence (AI) and asteroseismology - the sounds of stars. The rapid increase in asteroseismic data makes current -- largely manual -- analysis methods inadequate. This bottleneck will soon be a major limit for progress when vasts amounts of time series data will flow from NASA and ESA space missions for plant detection and asteroseismology starting late 2018 and into the next decade. The project will take advantage of recent dramatic progress made in AI such as deep learning neutral networks. AI now powers many aspects of society including speech and image recognition and web browsing, driven by software companies like Google and Microsoft. A trial by our group has shown that AI can be used to analyse time series data in the automatic and extremely fast manner required for asteroseismic signal detection and classification. The PhD project aims to expand our capabilities to perform different aspects of asteroseismic analysis and detection of planets from the next-generation space data.

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